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Our Goal is build awareness about the opportunities that are available in the areas of Education, Job creation,Entrepreneurship and Quality of Life By leveraging Technology and Becoming Digitally literate

The Perception Problem

Widening the Perception of Opportunity is Key to change

Educate audiences about the opportunities around them and how to take advantage of them.

In order to change perceptions,we must give you visual examples. We create video content so that you can see the opportunities and hear the stories of people just like you who have closed the divide!

Blogs, articles, & links. We work to bring the information you need to take advantage of digital opportunity.

Facts - Closing The Divide

Light bulb Moments Created

Workshops Delivered

Projects launched

Cities Reached

Inspirational quotes

I never knew the thing I was passionate about could be a career for me. I had  light bulb moment with the Close The Divide Project!Jamall woodward

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